I am pleased to announce having just published the following on SARPA website

“Following request at the last AGM, I am pleased to announce the first Scottish shoots run to UKSARC rules. There will be an overall winner’s trophy supplies by SARPA (irrespective of class) and other individual class trophies for the series. Entry fee is suggested as £5 plus £1 to cover class trophies. Confirmed dates are
8th May – Westfield
3rd July – Tayside
4th September – New Caledonian
These were the only free Sundays available. Other clubs are welcome to host a SARC shoot this year if they wish but it would mean a clash with another league or could be a Saturday? – just send a note of date to SARPA.
The UKSARC rules can be found at but please ignore the 4 from 6 rule – it will be 2 from 3 or as appropriate if extras are added. Please note the definition of a Target air rifle. Any queries on class of rifle will be decided by the organisers on the day. Pegs or other markers will denote the lanes and may not be used as supports. There are no specified positional shots but course setters may choose to force positions (e.g. obstructions making it impossible to take prone etc.)
We look forward to seeing you and hope you enjoy the format.”

Shoots will be open and our southern relatives welcome if you happen to be up north.
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